Hands never forget Wilderness

Over the years, I've surrounded myself with remote places & beautiful experiences. I keep a small block of paper with me in my pack as a tool to capture & document the feelings & scenes that I don't care to accomplish with a camera. From the mountains to the desert, getting there using hands & eyes. I will never forget the riches they hold & provide. When you touch the landscapes & follow the ridges on your fingertips, picking blueberries & pine needles & gathering a campfire, your hands will remember most.

This is a collection of six pieces, hand drawn in the timberline.

"Home comes from comfort, my comfort is in the mountains. So I guess you can say the pointed hills are mine."

"A conversation with a conifer. On the perspective of the pines."

"Life doesn't cost as much when you have the eyes for craftsmanship & ambition."

"As a boy, I found myself in the hills. As a man, I found myself in the mountains."

"I never officially met the mother moon until I slept in the Utah desert."

"With a morning of fog the wilderness hides the peaks of yesterday."

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