Wild Reflections

2015 turned out to be another year of wild adventures & sleeping in the dirt under the stars, which was the goal. My 8th photo book Howling West was published in the fall & now I have become heavily focused on my writing & planning for my Alaskan odyssey in 2016. I just can't get it off my rambling mind anymore these days. For now, I will share a post to end the year with you all & hope to see/hear from you in 2016. I will begin the new year strong with a series of adventure tales & new photos/illustrations to share & then later in the year, Alaska & possibly a visit back to the Rocky Mountain National Park. Make sure if you haven't checked out the previous post to give them a look, you inspirational folks won't regret it. Here are a few trail writings pulled from my journal to accommodate the images taken shortly after writing them.

Cheers & Happy Holidays from Start of the Howl!

Best Regards, George Barnett

"The drive into Estes Park made me come to a realization of how an ant feels outside it's mountainous sand hill of a kingdom."

"Such an assuring type of freedom when you have a stomach full of glacier water. If not for the water, maybe it's the protective aura of Hallet peak watching over me."

"Indian Staircase has become a living room to me & my people. Such a view & location to give weak knees thinking of the depart, I will forever be a happy man waking up on this sandstone mountainside."

"A forester in a valley as rich as this, is a forester in church with the choir starting an encore."