Grown in the Wilderness

All I can ultimately hope for, is Levi to appreciate & understand the importance of the wild. 

I grew up hiking & enjoying the outdoors, so naturally I'm introducing the same thing into my son's life in hopes that he will cherish & grow to love the trails & mountains as I do. A sense of independence will make for great self reliance in a young man in the lonesome timberline.


Over the years of me bringing Levi on these short & occasionally longer hikes, he's grown into loving them & that only makes me enjoy them even more so. His sense of knowledge is vast but leads to so many questions that I lovingly & excitedly answer while we're on the trails together. "Why's that tree's color different from the one in front of it Dad?" or "It smells like Christmas tree's over here!", as I'm foraging pine needles or sap into Ball jars. He is growing like the trees before him while he's with me on the trails & ridgelines. That's a great feeling. I'm looking forward to this new year of adventures & camping trips with Levi, his favorite tasks in the forest are collecting firewood or searching for Ewoks with his binoculars.


All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.