Unpublished 35mm collection: Tramping in the Tundra

I'm not one to overshoot images, whether it be a film camera or even just a snapshot with my smartphone. I don't find interest in documenting every single moment, I actually find more pleasure in enjoying most moments for myself & the others involved. Which is considered quite selfish for a "Photographer". Over the years, I've published many images in books & online for editorial work. But more photos go unseen than seen when it's all said in done & that's just me following up with my belief in quality over quantity (yet another reason I shoot film). Unpublished images aren't discarded from editorials for lack of authenticity or beauty, but maybe lack narrative for what story I'm chasing after. Here is the first installment of my unpublished 35mm film images while shooting my field essays "Tramping in the Tundra".


All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film