Improvisation on the Trail



Splitting 18" long rounds from a beetle-kill

pine tree we felled

so it wouldn't smash a shed

-- with a borrowed splitter briggs & stratton

twenty-ton pressure

wedge on a piston push-rod

some tough and thread, knotty,

full of frass and galleries, gnarly

gnarly! --my woman

she was sweet


-Gary Snyder



October flew away & November is just behind in the seasonal race. Heading down to the Daniel Boone National Forest without much of a goal or route, usually (actually always) makes for a memorable experience in the wilderness. Such beautiful hues & colors rest in the late Autumn landscapes. I find myself unintentionally stopping on the trails in intervals of five to ten minutes, I keep falling into a trance of being stuck inside a Thomas Hill painting. Light is seamless this time of year, radiating in the shadows & off the dying plant life. I treasure each night spent on this earth, but no night can compare to a bright moon lighting up your sandstone castle.

All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.