Snow Drifts

A day to dwell in the lonesome white forest is a day to remember, no matter the outcome. When a forest is touched with an intense snow storm & your found in the higher depths of the white nothingness, heaven at that time seems to exist on earth.

No movement, only sounds from the snow drift & howling winds straining through the trees & my body, just myself & a newly founded walking stick I found while hiking on the low break in the east ridges of the Jefferson memorial forest. Completely immersed into the wild with the unforgiving snow storms that came over me in the 6 mile hike that day, a truly spiritual experience for the lone wolf I remain to be.

A wilderness so alive with change & absent color, I turn my body & soul with open arms to the soaring snow drifted winds & produce the first genuine smile of the year, my warm cheeks fleeting off the ambush of snow flakes & my eyes wide open looking into the white void of distorted spruce & pine trees, absorbing me on the beautiful trail.

All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.