The Son of the Wolf

The strength of man’s son, provides beautiful assurance for his well being & a streaming opportunity for man to alter his imperfections.
— George Barnett

As fatherhood for me reaches it's fifth year, I'm able to reflect on the many grueling challenges & hardships it's provided. More so, I'm granted with gasconade privilege with the position I have been given as being Levi's father. Everyday there is something new to love & learn about this young man I have brought into this world. After several miles together on the trails, I've decided to share some light on what we've experienced through each others perspectives in personal journal entries.

Listening, learning & sensing the stillness of the snow covered forests. Making sense of the white matter slowly drifting into his perspective & the ambiguous yet satisfying taste it leaves on his red warm tongue.

Father has a walking stick found from a near by spruce pile, this one should do just fine for me while I lead him through the bare meadows to hopefully find some fossils. If we are found lucky, I do hope we are able to take some home for my collection of gathered nature findings kept in an old Ball jar on Dad's desk.

When hiking on the trails, my father often compares us to the trees. Especially me, he even named a baby pine "Levi" & always makes sure to visit it & protect it's growth with every chance he can. When I do grow into a man, I do wish to climb beside my father wherever he may be. I've always had issues leaving his side anyway, I doubt that will ever change.

Most days spent together, we are rarely indoors. I hope he appreciates this lifestyle of being aware of a simple existence & having a loving connection to the beautiful wilderness that we can all preserve & enjoy.

All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.