Backpacking Easter weekend at DBNF

"Waking up in the eastern Kentucky mountains, to the sounds of song birds & a short distance waterfall. What a day to be alive, on Easter Sunday no less. Bless the Lord for this treasure he has stumbled upon."

I had planned an overnight backpacking mission late February, it gratefully landed on Easter weekend in March. Once I clocked out Saturday morning, me & Geraldine headed down into Daniel Boone National Forest in my trusty old white Jeep (Hank the Jeep), after eating sandwiches at her house & picking up some gas station snacks.

After quickly getting up the face of Indian Staircase, we hiked a little further west on the upper ridge to find a place to call home for the night. We hiked through a thin trail of unforgiving thorns & old wet wood chips up into a flat open patch of dirt & sand, including a make shift fire pit with plenty of wood surrounding it & a great view looking over the other valley. So we felt it was meant to be & quickly threw up my tent to claim the spot. After our home was made & we stowed our packs away, we decided to roam around on the ridge & embrace the remainder of that beautiful Saturday's sunshine.

After hours of gazing into the countless array of spruce & pine trees, we decided to head towards the nearby waterfall to fill up my water purifier & to cool off from the golden hours warmth. The sun was leaving for the day & our stomachs we're ready to be fueled up. We spent the night star gazing, stoking our beautiful fire & preparing our dinner, while Ben Howard's music was quietly playing on our phone radio. Geraldine had a Mountain House macaroni & cheese & I boiled rice & tiny red potatoes. Soon after our spoons we're scrapping our bowl bottoms, we headed off into a peaceful sleep in the tent with a ceiling of tall tree silhouettes & hundreds of stars above. Early the next morning, I awoke to a beautiful wilderness & remembered the presence of Easter immediately. I slipped my boots on & spent the morning writing & getting water from the same nearby sandstone waterfall, to boil for my morning cup of coffee. There is no better place to celebrate the Lord, than in the wilderness.

All images shot with Kodak Portra 160 film.