George Barnett spends the better part of his days in the wilderness backpacking on a search to find his next chapter of inspiration inherited deeply in the landscapes. While existing heavily in the backcountry over the past decade, George has created a large body of outdoor photography and nature inspired poems covering eastern Kentucky to the American west. Barnett currently practices Zen and studies deep ecology while continuing his path of writing poems and raising his son in the natural world.


Never Left Home vol.1 (2012)

Until Winter vol.2 (2012)

Start of the Howl vol.3 (2013)

Black & Grey & White (2012)

Swain (2014)

Aventuras (2013)

Bourbon & Bark (2014)

Howling West (2015)

The Last Fox (2016)

Confined Conifers (2016)

Field Portfolio (2017)

Faces of Nature (2017)