Start of the Howl, a publication name created by George Barnett, who spends the better part of his days in the wilderness backpacking on a search to find his next chapter of inspiration inherited deeply in the landscapes. While existing heavily in the backcountry over the past decade, George has created a large body of outdoor photography and nature inspired poems/essays covering eastern Kentucky to the American west.


Never Left Home vol.1 (2012)

Until Winter vol.2 (2012)

Start of the Howl vol.3 (2013)

Black & Grey & White (2012)

Swain (2014)

Aventuras (2013)

Bourbon & Bark (2014)

Howling West (2015)

The Last Fox (2016)

Confined Conifers (2016)

Field Portfolio (2017)

Faces of Nature (2017)