Confined Conifers

Confined Conifers is Barnett's very first written publication, filled with his prose & poetry writings that span over the past six years of being heavily immersed in the wilderness. Much of the prose and poems found in the 60 pages of this book are contemplative narrowing love stories while becoming dependent on the wilderness for guidance and acceptance. Confined Conifers is now printed on its second edition, including two never before published poems inside. The book can be purchased on Amazon and many other online retailers.

Field Portfolio

The "Field Portfolio" is a collection of 96 color 35mm film images, taken over the past five years while backpacking. As we age and progress in life, our accomplishments follow along in execution. This photography book is the tenth I've published now. The photographs in this collection are primarily made up from wild landscapes and other unique outdoor perspectives. My intention with this book was to give the audience a romantic perspective on my work, allowing them to get lost in the photographs that pull them into asking themselves a dozen questions. Starting with "Why don't I go and see this for myself?" The book can be purchased on Amazon and many other online retailers.

Faces of Nature

This book mixes both wilderness photography and poems, primarily composed in the backcountry of northern Colorado, southeastern Utah and in my home state, Kentucky. Faces of Nature reflects a contemplative deeper connection within the landscapes. Nature and Humans entirely involved as one big cognitive being. I’ve found myself in my purest state while being deep in the remote wilderness: climbing up pine roots, drinking fresh snowmelt, sleeping in fields of Castilleja, hiking up snow covered mountain passes, meditating with views of the Milky Way. One of the most important discoveries in life is finding something that’ll keep your soul filled and inspired. Being (deeply) outdoors and existing within its careless unforgiving boundaries fuels me to be the man I am today & tomorrow. These faces of nature inspire me and provided the passion behind this book.


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