Start of the Howl
Start of the Howl

Confined Conifers

Confined Conifers is Barnett's very first written publication, filled with his prose & poetry writings that span over the past six years of being heavily immersed in the wilderness. Much of the prose and poems found in the 60 pages of this book are contemplative narrowing love stories while becoming dependent on the wilderness for guidance and acceptance. Confined Conifers is now printed on its second edition, including two never before published poems inside. The book can be purchased on Amazon and many other online retailers.

"A book filled with the thoughts and passions of a wild extremist. Drunk on the landscape and its vast opportunities. A must for any nature lover and deep thinker. You can really begin to configure Georges life through his experiences with love and living among the forested trails."

-Amazon Review

"Confined Conifers is like listening to the crackle of a bonfire as you sit around the fire on a summer night, stars bright in the sky, all bodies silent in mutual admiration of the moment. Or as I picture it: waking up on a cliff overlook, unzipping your tent, and reading in the quiet of an early autumn morning, company of the gently swaying trees and early bird songs. No deadlines to reach, no jobs to dash off to, just time and fresh sunshine."

-Sarah Manthey





Field Portfolio

The "Field Portfolio" is a collection of 96 color 35mm film images, taken over the past five years while backpacking. As we age and progress in life, our accomplishments follow along in execution. This photography book is the tenth I've published now. The photographs in this collection are primarily made up from wild landscapes and other unique outdoor perspectives. My intention with this book was to give the audience a romantic perspective on my work, allowing them to get lost in the photographs that pull them into asking themselves a dozen questions. Starting with "Why don't I go and see this for myself?" The book can be purchased on Amazon and many other online retailers.

"Definitely a favorite of mine, I've collected the majority of Georges books since 2012. This is by far the most beautiful vast landscape book he's published. His writing often times lays out a landscape before you, but this book puts actual images in your hands. Gives the viewer a deeper perspective of what he might have been looking at while writing some of his poems. The quality of this book is awesome too, great for a backpack or bookshelf display."

-Amazon Review

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